Disney Discovery- Sterling Silver Mickey Mouse Rainbow Pendant Necklace

My stepdaughter-to-be is obsessed with rainbows. It has actually given me a new found appreciation for them. I am discerning in my rainbow choices but I did manage to find a piece of Disney jewelry that I quite enjoy! Today’s Disney discovery is a sterling silver Mickey Mouse rainbow pendant necklace.

2016-08-04 10_29_04-Disney Mickey Mouse Rainbow Crystal Sterling Silver Women's Pendant Necklace, 18

Isn’t this beautiful? I think this could really have looked cheap, with the bling and rainbow colors, but it doesn’t! It looks like something a discerning fashionista would want to own. It doesn’t hurt that this necklace is also sterling silver. It is not going to turn your neck green or black. It is the real deal! If you look closely, you will see that this pendant has 7 colors and it is done in an ombre effect. It also has a 5 star rating!

This necklace is not an inexpensive necklace but it is if you compare it to something like Sophia Fiori. The current price of this necklace and pendant is $95.92 with free shipping. This would make a lovely gift! If you are interested in checking this out (which you should :)), you can find it HERE. Enjoy, fashionistas!

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