Disney Discovery- Tinker Bell Shaker Pendant Necklace

We have had conversations about shaker pendant necklaces. They are cool and, basically, we love them. I have shared many different designs and today I am going to share another one. I have not yet shared one themed around this beloved Disney character, however. Today’s Disney discovery is a Tinker Bell shaker pendant necklace.

2016-01-14 00_36_00-Amazon.com_ Disney Silver Plated Tinkerbell Silhouette Shaker Pendant Necklace,

I love Tinker Bell. She is such a spunky pixie and I love that she makes a fabulous sound when she spreads her pixie dust around. That sound is my ring tone! This necklace is one that would make Tinker Bell proud. She is carved into the circular portion of the pendant and all of her magical pixie dust is encapsulated within the pendant. It can be shaken up to look even more mystical. There are stars, as well as green and blue crystals, to add some color to this super fun pendant.

I was thinking this would make a nice Valentine’s Day gift for that special someone, whether that be a significant other, child, friend or family member! It is a great price at $27.00, including the necklace. If you want to check out further details, you can find it HERE. Have a magical day, fashionistas!

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