Disney Flasks Make A Unique Gift!

Have you ever noticed that, when at Disney Parks, shot glasses are actually called toothpick holders? I always found that amusing. It is a family place and I understand where they are coming from but, the items I am sharing today, are clearly not from Disney Parks (keeping in line with the toothpick holder theory). These Disney flasks make a unique gift!


I thought these would be cute gifts for a groom, bridal party or anyone who likes a drink here and there and adores Disney! Fun idea, right?? I will admit that there aren’t a million out there to choose from but there are most definitely variations. I like the one above because it seems classic… and a tad more tame than some of the others I found. This one is at CameronsJewelryBox on Etsy. It runs $20.


This one is not quite as classic… I think it could really work for the right person, though! It is still clearly Disney but I am guessing it is not Disney approved. I can still think of a few people that would love it. I found it on Etsy at Fantasticum for $16.50.


Now, I have mentioned the above flasks for mostly men but some women like a nice flask as well. These could make a cute bridal shower gift! These are at StickyImages and are $22 for the set!


This one is straight up lady time! I love the color and the vintage Disneyland design. I could see these being used at a bachelorette party! These are at RKGrace for $19.98.


This one could be good for either sex. I love UP! and  this would be an adorable gift. I found this one at LeeloJewelrySupplies for only $12.00!!

I know this isn’t the most conventional idea but I think it rocks. I like to think outside the box. Flasks may not be outside the box for a groomsman gift but it is when you add the Disney twist!

Which of these flasks do you like better? Let us know what you think in the comment box below!

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