Disney Princess Vogue Inspired Candle for Your Disney Home

Okay, let’s do a little rundown here. I love candles, fashion, Disney, Princesses, and decorating. How can I combine all of these into one? With this Disney Princess Vogue inspired candle of course!


This super chic candle is available in two sizes, so you can find the perfect place for it in your home. Worried about not liking the scent? This candle is unscented.  The picture wraps 3/4 around candle, so this is great for setting somewhere without a 360 degree view. Perfect for all occasions: a gift to yourself, a thank you, a birthday gift, a graduation gift, just to give to that special person because you are awesome.

The shop owner does provide this suggestion:

NOTE: If you decide to burn the candle, please only burn the candle until a hole the size of a tea light is created. Then, place a tea light (scent of your choice) into the new hole and light the tea light. This reduces both the risk of a fire and ruining the image.


Good to know!

If you are loving this Disney Princess Vogue inspired candle, you can check it out HERE.

What do you think? Would you use this in your home? Let me know your thoughts in the comments.

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Monica V

Monica lives in Ann Arbor, MI. She is a former Disney Cast Member (via the Disney College Program Fall 2011) and a current Disney Addict.
Monica V


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