Disney Reveals Layout for Mickey: The True Original Exhibition in NYC

True Original Exhibition

Mickey Mouse made his world debut in Steamboat Willie 90 years ago, in New York City. Now, final preparations are underway for the November 8 premiere of ‘Mickey: The True Original Exhibition’. The 16,000-square-foot exhibition will feature more than ten immersive rooms, each carefully curated and artfully designed to highlight a piece of Mickey Mouse’s story:

Check out the specially curated immersive rooms:

  • Welcome Room– The room will set the stage for guests’ 90-minute adventure. Hello Mickey!- Introduces the many facets of Mickey including his playful personality. The room will feature Katherine Bernhardt’s oversized wall mural celebrating Mickey Mouse, his favorite food, and his favorite girl. Guests will also step aboard a full-size replica of his famous steamboat.
  • Iconic Design– See Mickey, an instantly recognizable character and form, in a whole new way. The room will feature Daniel Arsham’s larger-than-life “Hiding Mickey” sculpture.
  • It’s Black & White– Visitors will step into an entirely black-and-white world and immerse themselves in Mickey’s comic strips and cartoon shorts.
  • Ink & Paint– Transporting guests from black and white to technicolor, the Ink & Paint room pays homage to the team of artists and painters in Disney’s legendary Ink & Paint department.
  • Burst into Color– Guests will revel in vivid, vibrant color in honor of Mickey’s acclaimed technicolor debut, The Band Concert. The room will feature London Kaye’s whirlwind crochet installation.
  • Sorcerer’s Way– The room transports guests to the magical world of Walt Disney’s masterpiece and Mickey’s first feature film: Fantasia.
  • Mickey Mouse Club– From 1955 to 1994, various renditions of one of the most popular variety TV shows of all time have entertained millions and produced some of the biggest stars in show business. Visitors will join the club with a recreation of the 1990’s “All New Mickey Mouse Club” set.
  • Original Muse– Since his inception, Mickey has inspired artists around the world to create, reinterpret, and reimagine. This room recognizes the joy he elicits as expressed across genres, across oceans, and across time.
  • The Collection– Mickey merchandise has reached legendary status. The collection room illustrates how tactile, functional works of art have allowed us to bring him into our everyday lives.

The exhibition will feature new work, incredible installations and photo-worthy experiences from some of the world’s most talented sculptors, muralists artists, and designers.

Be sure to check out this fun animated infographic for the event too!

Michelle, the Disney Fashionista herself,  can’t wait to explore the magic and whimsy of the Mickey: The True Original Exhibition when it opens for a media preview in New York City on November 6! Make sure to follow along on FB and IG for live feeds and lots of pics. Then get yourself to NYC to see it for yourself when it opens November 8!

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