Disney Wedding- Buying The Perfect Disney Wedding Dress!

I had shared, a while back, that I was in the process of looking for my perfect Disney wedding dress. I mentioned that I was torn between the Disney Collection by Alfred Angelo and finding one that fit my theme perfectly but wasn’t actually made with Disney in mind (gasp). I have had a lot of people inquire about what the final decision was. Without giving the exact wedding dress away, allow me to share with you my Disney wedding dress experience!


I am far from conventional in my thought process of choosing and buying my wedding dress. I am not looking for white or lace or even a veil. I am looking for fashion. I am looking for something that will fit with the theme of my wedding. I was kind of shocked when I realized that that meant I was not getting a dress from the Disney Collection by Alfred Angelo. I waited to see what the 2016 collection had. I had already narrowed down my choices to one dress from the 2015 collection, which I can now share was the Snow White dress in red. I thought for sure I would be a walking Disney Princess… well, I will be, but not in a gown specified for that purpose.

I fell in love with a picture of a gown. When I saw it, I knew that it was mine. I positively knew. Everyone told me that I was crazy and you never end up with the gown in the picture you are obsessed with. When I tried to find it to try it on, no one had it. The stores all told me I needed to try on a dress with a similar silhouette and, if I liked it, just risk it and buy the dress I wanted. I thought that was crazy! This dress isn’t cheap!!

Do not let these naysayers get you down! If you want something, you need to make it happen on your own!! I contacted the company that makes the gown, Allure Bridal, and I told them the situation. They were phenomenal in working with me and found me a store, that had the size I needed to try on! It took a bit of time but it happened! The store was in Flushing, Queens, NY and I am in NC. It was the closest place for me to go…. and go I did!


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I flew to NYC and I went to Best Total Wedding Plaza in Flushing to meet with Elizabeth and Mrs. Lee. They treated me like royalty the second I walked in, nay, the second I called to inquire about the dress! In fact, for all the phone calls and planning sessions since, they have made this process seamless for me and I couldn’t have asked for more. The store is not large and over the top. It is quaint and comfortable and perfect for a one on one dress shopping session, which is what it was. They truly made it worth flying all that way to find the dress of my  dreams. I felt, and still feel, like a Disney Princess!

The dress, as I said, is from Allure Bridal.  I knew the dress in the picture was the one for me and, when I tried it on, it illicited tears from everyone in the store. That’s how you know, as Giselle would say. This company has many different divisions so I will go one further to tell you it is made by Allure Couture. I have been told, by more than one person, the dress reminds them of Belle. In fact, many people did not believe me that it is not for Disney weddings. My theme is not Beauty and the Beast. It is more like whimsical Mad Hatter. This dress looks like it was made for the theme. I will be sharing pictures but not until the big day. I have to leave some element of surprise for my fiance!!

Bottom line is, you need to buy whatever dress makes you feel like a Disney Princess, no matter the designer and no matter where you have to go to find it. As Walt Disney said, “All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.” What Walt didn’t know, is that in my case, he was talking about my Disney wedding dress.

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