Don’t Just Store Your Minnie Ears! Display Them With These Sensational Ear Mounts!

I can’t speak for anyone else but I can 100% admit that I am obsessed with Minnie Ears. I have quite the collection. I have some that I am super proud of, too! I know that many of us store our Minnie Ears but what about the ones that are extra special? You can display them with these sensational Ear Mounts!

Since finding all of these incredible designs on Etsy at SteevilLabs, I have been looking for the space to display my most favorite Ears proudly.  Now for the really hard part…. deciding which of these Ear Mounts I want the most.

If you love the Haunted Mansion, these are a must-have! Any one of them! I personally love the Haunted Mansion plaque or the wallpaper design and I have one pair of Haunted Mansion inspired Ears that definitely deserve to be displayed! You can find any of these HERE. The specialty ones retail for $20.

If you don’t want a design and simply want to display your Minnie Ears proudly, you are in luck. There are over 20 colors of Mickey Head Wall Mounts! These retail for $10. You can even add your initial for an extra dollar. you can find these HERE.

Pick your poison because there are way too many specialty Ear Mounts to share. These are some of my favorites. That poison apple one is definitely going to be displaying my Villain Ears. The Cruise Line one has me trying to narrow down which pair of Cruise Ears I want to display. These specialty Ear Mounts range from $15-20 depending on the intricacy and can be found HERE.

If you are a Club 33 member (or own a pair of Ears) you will want to check out these Club 33 inspired Ear Mounts. I love them all! These are all based around where the Club 33 is located, too. How special is that?

Of course, one cannot leave out Star Wars especially after the opening of Galaxy’s Edge! I have a few Star Wars Ears I would be proud to display. I just need to narrow it down! There are even more to choose from HERE.

I don’t know about you but I am getting ready to design the most perfect Ear display ever created. These are all stuck to your wall with a 3M strip for easy mounting. It doesn’t get much easier than that!

Would you display your Minnie Ears with these Ear Mounts? Let us know which is your favorite in the comment box below!

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