DuckTales Loungefly Collection Is Absolutely Fantastic

DuckTales Loungefly Collection

Life is like a hurricane with the new DuckTales Loungefly Collection! Seriously Loungefly has knocked it out of the park with these new bags! The fabulous Courtney (disneypixie21) spotted these beauties at Disneyland!

There were two bags spotted a Scrooge McDuck mini backpack, and a Huey Dewey and Louie handbag!


I’m going to start with Scrooge McDuck because I can just not contain myself over it. This is a cosplay style backpack which recreates Scrooge’s likeness with layered appliques! His top hat even sticks up from above the bag.

The zipper pulls are money bags, I mean how freaking awesome is that? Of course, the money bag zipper pulls on this bag are solid “gold”. One of the things I love about this bag is that the straps are actually detachable, so you can swap them around to wear as a crossbody too!

The second bag is inspired by Huey Dewey and Louie! This bag has a neutral striped canvas, with embroidered appliques of the three nephews. The white feathers of the boys are actually fluffy too! The adorableness of the nephews on this bag is almost too much to handle!


Like the Scrooge McDuck mini backpack, this bag also has a money bag zipper pull! Instead of being all gold however, this money bag zipper pull is done with colored enamel for a more cartoony look.

Courtney discovered the incredible new DuckTales Loungefly Collection at World of Disney in Downtown Disney in California! I hope we see them at Walt Disney World soon too!

Special thanks to Courtney for letting us use these great photos! 

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