Elusive Club 33 Mickey Ears Are More Stunning in Person!

A couple of month’s ago, pictures of the new Club 33 Mickey Ears at Disneyland started circulating on IG. It became my ultimate wish to own a pair myself. Can I just say that the elusive Club 33 Mickey Ears are more stunning in person?!

We all know that I am obsessed with sparkle and these gold sequined Ears are exactly the kind of thing that I am drawn to. I didn’t know if it was possible to like Gold sequins this much but I do! The blue, stuffed bow with the Club 33 logo on it is such a perfect contrast against the gold. These Ears live up to the expectations one might have for merchandise that comes from Club 33.

It is not easy to get your hands on merchandise form Club 33. You have to have friends in the right places. I was lucky enough to have that happen. I will admit that I have never been blessed enough to set foot in any one of the Club 33 locations. It is a dream of mine to do so but, in the meantime, I will wear these stunning Ears proudly and dream!

Do you have a dream of getting a pair of these elusive Club 33 Ears? Let us know in the comment box below!


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  • I have been blessed with the opportunity to have lunch at Club 33. It is amazing , when I went these years were not available although I bought every other piece of merchandise that was available. Don’t ask how much I spent LOL! But I love these and I would like to get my hands on a pair. Hopefully I’ll run into the right person at the right time and get a pair

  • I have had the privilege to go to Club 33 many times and even got to go to a wedding held there!!! It was a wonderful experience but that friend no longer has a membership….. so those cute ears are out of reach!!!:(

  • Each time we pass the door to Club 33 at Disneyland my daughter always pretend to ring the bell and then tells me no one is home to let her in with a sad face. I always tell her one day we will go there. I wish I knew someone so I can get those ears for her.

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