Even More Disney Inspired Purse Ornaments are Now Available


Last month, Disney released a line of Christmas ornaments featuring purses inspired by some of our favorite fairy-tale characters. These coordinated with the shoe line that has been available for a couple of years now. But while the shoe collection features a wealth of characters, the purse line focused only on princesses and villains. Disney has since extended this collection to include Minnie Mouse, Tinkerbell, and many others!

disney purse ornaments
Minnie Mouse

All of these ornaments have a slightly different shape than the ones from the first release. Minnie’s takes its inspiration from the shape of her skirt. The bow is simply perfect, as all of Minnie’s bows should be.

disney purse ornaments

The Tinkerbell design takes its shape from the dandelion puffs on Tink’s shoes. Her dress is made of leaves, and these can be seen along the top of the ornament. Add wings and dandelion puffs to the back and sprinkle with a generous dose of pixie dust, and you have utter cuteness! This is my favorite of the new designs.

disney purse ornaments
Alice in Wonderland

The Alice ornament is actually more like a Wonderland ornament because it embodies a couple of different characters. Alice’s dress and headband are quite recognizable, but you also have the Cheshire Cat’s tail, a nod to the Queen of Hearts, and a red and white rose. They packed a lot into this design!

disney purse ornaments
Mary Poppins

The Mary Poppins ornament is the only one that is the same on the front and the back. The ruffles of her dress are re-created along the top of the cinch sack, and the handle of her umbrella gets top billing!

disney purse ornaments

Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather got a simple design that matches their shoe ornament almost exactly. Each fairy is represented by a bow in her signature color. Wings and a magic wand complete the design.

disney purse ornaments

Nightmare Before Christmas fans will be excited to see a purse for Sally! Her dress takes center stage, but you can also see other creepy things like fish bones and snakes.

disney purse ornaments

Mulan is not your typical princess and that comes through in her design. The bag itself seems to be made of armor; the back looks like her military uniform. The front has Mulan’s signature flower and Mushu to soften it up a little.

Each ornament is $24.99, and Disney appears to have hit a home run with the entire collection.  As I looked at these,  I heard many Fashionistas wishing these were actual handbags, and that same thought has crossed my mind too! What do you think about the new designs? Tell us your favorite in the comments!

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