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Fairy Tale Inspired Bracelets by Ashley Bridget

Ashley Bridget Fairy Tale Collections

As you know here at the Disney Fashionista, we love Disney bounding, and  we love new sparklies to wear! So I was over joyed to find these unique bracelets from Ashley Bridget!


I first stumbled upon these Disney inspired gems by following the siren’s song of the Mermaid Collection bracelets. The purples and sea blues remind me of Ariel right away, and of course the dinglehoppers just bring it all together! The most alluring aspect of these layered bracelets is that they are not an in your face depiction of a character, which makes them great for wearing in a Disney bound ensemble! I also adore the that they included the ship steering wheels, it makes me think of Prince Eric, and I love that romantic notion!

Alice in Wonderland

As I fell further and further down the rabbit hole of gorgeous goodies, I noticed a bracelet emblazoned with “Absolutely Mad”. As I peered at this fun yellow, and blue jewelry set, I saw the infamous 10/6 hat of the Mad Hatter. I couldn’t believe it, Alice in Wonderland inspired bracelets! The “Wonder” collection has the Mad Hatter as mentioned before, A red and black Queen of Hearts, a pink and white Cheshire Cat, and last but not least a curious little black, blue and white bracelet inspired by our Alice. The “Cheshire” is more understated and classier than the typical accessories of this character. It features a simple cat outline, and a subtle “meow” tagline.

Frost Collection

No fantasy inspired collections could be complete these days though,with out a little bit of Frozen. The “Frost” collection embodies the essence of winter, with shimmering snowflakes, and soft hues of blue. One stands out clearly with a small medallion reading “Let it Go” with layers matching the color of Queen Elsa’s dress from the hit movie. Any of them would be the perfect complement to an Elsa bounding look for sure!

Ashley Bridget is an online retailer featuring fashion forward accessories. Each Ashley Bridget piece of jewelry is individually crafted, making every piece unique and personal. They are all about embodying the energy and passion of women around the world. Right now Ashley Bridget is having a hot summer sale to get 50% off the entire online store with the discount code: Summer. I don’t know about you but the only thing I need now is help deciding on which piece to choose first! You can check out these collections, as well as many other pop culture inspired collections at


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Danielle is born and raised in Sunny South Florida just a short drive south of Walt Disney World. A long time lover of fashion, and crafting, she is a proud wife, and mom. She is also a part time Princess by day, while a stylish Villain by night. Be sure to follow her Disney adventures on Instagram
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