Festive Fun Will Be Had With The New Holiday Minnie and Mickey Ears!

I know I mentioned my Spirit Jersey addiction but I also have a problem with Minnie Ears. I think I am approaching 100 pair. Do you know how hard it is to store that many Minnie Ears? Well, I better start looking for more storage because the new Holiday Minnie and Mickey Ears are filled with festive fun!

Disney must have some type of chip in my head because they continue to release Minnie and Mickey Ears that I have to have! I already LOVE the holidays so it’s not hard to reel me in. The first pair I am going to show you from the sneak peek is a pair that I already own but they are not Disney Park official.

Do you remember the Gingerbread Minnie Ears we shared in the past and they sold out so quickly they were impossible to get? Disney must have seen them because they are making their own version! These Ears feature Mickey on one side and Minnie on the other with a darling candy bow in the center. Everything about these Ears is festive fun!

If you are loving the park treat and candy theme that has been going on for a while now, you will love these peppermint inspired Ears. I will be needing these as I don’t have anything like them. The green bow really pops against the red and white, too!

These flannel Minnie Ears with the giant fluffy bow make me smile. I admit that I never really saw a ton of this at home in Canada but if you go the Canada pavilion at Epcot, everything is comprised of this combo so I feel, as a proud Canadian, I need these in my life!

What do you think of the new Holiday Minnie and Mickey Ears? Is there a must-have pair for you? Let us know which pair brings you festive fun in the comment box below!


Thanks to @chipandco for the pics!


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