Find Adventure in the Dapper New UP! Dress

It’s a new day of fashion finds at Disney and today marks the release of a dress we have been waiting for ever since the sneak peek 2 months ago. Now you can finally find adventure in the dapper new UP! dress!

This UP! dress is the newest dress from The Dress Shop. It was spotted this morning at Uptown Jewelers in the Magic Kingdom but I am guessing it will also be at the Disney Springs location as well.

Let’s talk about the design. This dress is very retro in style, as many of the dresses from The Dress Shop. As soon as I saw it, it reminded me of some of the dresses you actually see Ellie wear in the film. Do you see that, too?

The images on this dress are visually stunning. I know that some people want the images on their clothing to be symmetrical and you won’t find that on this dress. For example, one side of the dress has the balloons that UP! is known for. I think this was actually a smart move in this case because I can’t really imagine a dress that has the balloons all over the dress. That would be too much for me.

If you look at the way the balloons are shaped on the dress, it actually gives a super slimming effect around the waistline. I’m all for that!

Of course, what would an UP! dress be without some of our favorite characters and Carl can be found standing on the porch of his house as he floats away on this dress.

If you pay attention to the back, you will find Russell hanging on for the ride, as well. It really is about the details.

I personally think the Ellie detail is in the actual design of the dress, as I said above.

This dress retails for $128 and only comes in sizes S-XL…. at least at Uptown Jewelers and for the moment. It is not currently on the Shop Disney Parks App or shopDisney. If you are hoping to grab one of these for yourself and won’t be at the Parks, you can ask our preferred personal shopper to help you out by emailing [email protected].

What do you think of the new UP! dress from The Dres Shop? Do you like the style or not so much? Let us know in the comment box below!


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