Show Your Love Of Epcot In This New Spaceship Earth Dress!

This morning I shared that the new UP! dress was available at Uptown Jewelers and The Dress Shop at Disney Springs. Then I went to bed because I have to work tonight. I wake up and discover that there was another release this morning, too! The Spaceship Earth dress has arrived at Disney Springs!

Now, we sneak peeked this dress back in January when we showed the UP! dress and fashionistas were very excited. It’s not like there hasn’t been a ton of Spaceship Earth dress designs from a multitude of small businesses but they are tank dresses usually and not everyone loves that style.

This dress is filled with fashion and flair! I am loving the capped sleeves. Super flattering for someone with not super muscular arms (that’s me). The cinching at the waist will give that small waist illusion (if you don’t have one… like me) and the rouging on the sweetheart bustline is perfect for curvy ladies such as myself!

The thin grey belt is a nice finishing touch. I don’t think that you need to wear a crinoline underneath but it sure would look lovely for Dapper Day!

This dress is currently at The Dress Shop in Marketplace Co-op at Disney Springs. It wasn’t at Uptown Jewelers this morning but I’m guessing it may show up there in the future. It retails for $128.

It is not yet online or on the App so if you are wanting to grab it soon, check out, the personal shopper we recommend.

What do you think of the new, futuristic Spaceship Earth dress? Let us know in the comments below!

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