Flower And Garden Gift Cards Have A Blooming Surprise

Each festival at Epcot, a new wristband gift card is always available. They are always super cute, and themed to fit the event too! This year the Flower And Garden Gift Cards have a fun surprise! Attached to each one of these new cards, is a seed packet!

Flower And Garden Gift Cards

The cards come in a variety of different Flower and Garden inspired designs. In addition to festive flowers, there is even a Spike the Bee design. Spike has become a regular mascot of the Flower and Garden Festival, and I personally love it! Each card comes attached to a wristband as well.

Attached to the same keyring as the gift card, is a diamond-shaped paper embedded with seeds. This paper is plantable, and with a little water and sunshine, you’ll have your own garden of wildflowers! The cards are loadable with a minimum of $15.00, all the way to $1,000. While they have a handy wrist strap for easy use at the festival, you can use the gift cards all throughout Disney Property!

I really love the seed packet touch this year, I feel like it ties in wonderfully with the festival’s theme!

Will you be getting one of these fun Flower And Garden Gift Cards at the festival this year?


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