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Funko Is Making A Villain Cosmetic Collection Merging Fun And Fabulous!

I am still in transit coming home from D23 Expo where Funko was everywhere. Whether it was to purchase Funko Pops or the fabulous photo op at the BoxLunch booth, Funko stands for fun. Now, Funko is making a Villain Cosmetic Collection and I am literally standing in line already!

We all love Funko for the collectibles but we have seen them branching out a bit over recent years. According to CNBC:

Funko has been branching out of collectibles and into apparel and gaming in recent years. Makeup is just the next natural progression for the company, CEO Brian Mariotti said.

The collection will feature 4 of our favorite Villains. You will find Maleficent, Evil Queen, Cruella, and Ursula. I’m excited that most of my favorites are there but I would have been even happier to find Mother Gothel. Maybe next time.

The packaging is on point in this collection! Funko Pops are already super fun to look at and collect and I could see the people (ME!) that love them jumping on the bandwagon to grab each and every one of these mini collections. I need all four Villains, please!

The Funko Villain makeup collection has a variety of products including bronzer, lip gloss, highlighter, eye shadow, eyeliner, blush, and makeup brushes. We haven’t seen it all yet by the sounds of it and this is just a taste of the packaging! I cannot wait to see what the brushes will look like!

You may be like me and wondering what will the makeup actually be like. Will the quality be good? Well, the products are being manufactured by Taste Beauty and will be available exclusively at Ulta Beauty online and in stores. I think that should tell you that the makeup will be fab!


I don’t have a release date yet but I hear it will be out before Halloween and rightfully so! Are you getting in line now like me?


Photo Credit to CNBC!

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