New Updates For The Disney Villains Funko Cosmetics Collection

Disney Villains Funko Cosmetics

We have some devilish updates for the new The Disney Villains Funko Cosmetics collection coming to Ulta this month! The collection will launch online, and in stores for Ulta on September 15th!

There will be cosmetics inspired by Evil Queen, Ursula, Maleficent, and Cruella. Each fashionable villain will have a palette, a lip gloss, an eye liner, and a brush set.

The palettes are stunning metallic boxes, that are shaped like the Funko POP versions of each devious diva’s face. The Maleficent and Evil Queen palettes come with 12 shadows each. The Cruella palette is a set of four blush and bronzers, and the Ursula palette has four highlighters. Each villains palette will retail for $24.00.

There will be a high shine lip gloss for each beautiful baddie as well! These will retail for $12.00.

  • Evil QueenMirror – A poison apple red
  • Maleficent – Thorny – A thorny rose pink
  • Ursula – Sea Witch – A flamboyant shellfish pink.
  • Cruella – Darling – A cutthroat antique brick red.

The eyeliners for this collection come in fierce colors, that embody the spirit and power of each villain. These are liquid eyeliners that retail for $10.00 each.

  • Ursula – Sea Witch Turquoise – Just like the the eyeshadow she wears!
  • Cruella – Black Glitter – I can totally see this devilish diva rocking black glitter.
  • Evil Queen – Royal Gold – As regal as our favorite wicked queen herself.
  • Maleficent – Thorny Purple – Honestly, can we see her wearing any other color?

Last but not least the brush sets! Each villain has their very own makeup brush set of five brushes! The handles have designs inspired by their most iconic symbols, Cruella – Dalmatian Spots, Ursula – Her Shell Necklace, Maleficent – Thorns and Ravens, Evil Queen – Poison Apples. The bags are also metallic colors that embody their style. These will retail for $24.00.

You can find the wicked new Disney Villains Funko Cosmetics collection will be available at Ulta Stores, and online at beginning September 15th!

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