Fuzzy Spirit Jerseys are This Season’s “Hottest” Trend

Fuzzy Spirit Jerseys

Spirit jerseys are quickly becoming the unofficial uniform of the Disney fan, and new ones are coming out often! Many Fashionistas have been hoping for the reappearance of one very unique jersey style from last season:  the Fuzzy Spirit Jerseys (or so it’s been affectionately named by fans.)

These cozy, little shirts were first seen in Disneyland last year, and they disappeared almost as quickly as they were put on the display rack. They look perfect for curling up in front of the fire or keeping you toasty as you do your holiday shopping. The charcoal gray is also a great color for both guys and girls. Matching couple’s shirts, anyone?

East Coast Disney fans get a turn with the fuzzy spirit jerseys this year too! The latest batch popped up in World of Disney in Disney Springs on Friday, making dreams come true for many a Fashionista!  While I don’t think I’d get tons of chances to wear this in Florida, it would make a great souvenir to take back to cooler climates.

This spirit jersey retails for $74.99, which is slightly more than the lighter-weight version that we’re accustomed to. So far, it has only been seen at World of Disney. We don’t know yet if it will pop up online eventually. If you don’t want to miss your chance at scooping up one of these, a personal shopping service can help.

Are you excited that the Fuzzy Spirit Jerseys have made a comeback? We want to know what you think of these, so leave us a comment down below!


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Lindsay East is a teacher by day and a Disney princess by night. She enjoys visiting the parks with her husband and their two children. She is lucky enough to live close to Disney World but hasn't yet managed to move into the castle.

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