Have Visions Of Sugar Plums While You Sleep In These Disney Park Treat PJs!

Disney Park treat PJs?! It is no secret that all of us here at Disney Fashionista are obsessed with Disney park treats (or snacks… whichever you prefer). I thought I was dreaming when I saw the Loungefly mini backpack and the leggings. I had no idea this year’s Disney PJs were going to have the same theme!

I’m legit going to be having visions of (Disney) sugar plums dancing in my head while wearing these fabulous PJs to bed. Disney merchandising nailed it with this theme this year and I am buying it all!

Take a close look at the trim of these PJs. It’s a candy cane design! Sheer genius.

I have the flannel PJs from  Disney Parks from previous years and I am now addicted. The plan is to grab these while I am at Disney World this coming week and sleep in them for the next 2 months. I wish I could be at Disney World for the incredible Christmas package they have this year. Alas, I have to work (the joys of being a nurse). Can you imagine how awesome it would be to wake up Christmas morning wearing these PJs at Disney World or Disneyland?

What do you think of these Disney Park treat PJs? Wouldn’t you love to wear them?

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