We Heart These Mickey Valentine’s Day Ears!

Valentine’s Day just might be the cutest holiday out there. The mix of pink, red, and white combined with the sweetness of hearts makes me happy every time. So imagine my squeals of delight when I saw these extra-special ears! Wouldn’t they be perfect for spending Valentine’s Day at the parks or for just adding some Disney magic to your own celebration? I heart the heart-shaped ears (see what I did there?), but I am completely in love with the bows! The kissing Mickey and Minnie design is showing up everywhere this season, and while it’s perfect for Valentine’s, I would rock these all year round. Actually, several of these could be worn beyond our favorite heart filled holiday.


I loved these ears so much that I got in touch with the owner of Muffin Noodle Designs. It turns out that Muffin Noodle Designs has tons of unique ear designs, and the shop even does custom orders! Check out these amazing pictures from the Muffin Noodle Designs Facebook page.


Amy, the creator of these gorgeous products, also gave me a sneak peek of her upcoming map ears. Aren’t they cool? It’s like wearing a little piece of Disney!


The very best thing about all of these designs is that the ears and bows are completely detachable. You can mix and match them, and that makes packing multiple pairs for a Disney trip super easy! And through February, Disney Fashionista readers can get 10% off their orders with the code DF2017! Head over to the Muffin Noodle Facebook page and check out their designs–you won’t be disappointed! Comment below and tell us which pair is your favorite!


Special thanks to our guest blogger, Lindsay East! Lindsay is a teacher by day and a Disney princess by night. She enjoys visiting the parks with her husband and their two children. She is lucky enough to live close to Disney World but hasn’t yet managed to move into the castle.

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