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How to Make Your Own Disney Park Map Pouch

I saw this idea on Pinterest a while back, to make your own sweet tooth pouch. Such a great idea, right?? Well, a very savvy Disney addict made her own out of Disney Park maps and I thought she was genius. With her permission, I am showing you her images of the pouch she made and giving you the instructions on how to make one of your very own!

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Seriously, isn’t this genius!! I am so sad I can’t take the credit for coming up with this but Amanda is a true genius. Let me tell you what you need to get started.

  • Park Maps of your choice

  • iron on vinyl

  • a zipper of approximately 7-9 inches

  • two pieces of fabric for lining ( they should each be the size of the Park map you are using)

-sewing machine

  • zipper foot

  • iron

  • sharp cutting tool


Here are the steps to make your own, now that you have all the supplies:

  1. Cut 2 pieces of vinyl to be larger than your Park Maps (remember, you can make the size of this pouch as large as your piece of Park map will allow. It’s up to you how big it is)

2.  Peel off the paper backing and stick to the front of the map, all the while, smoothing it out with your fingers.

  1. Use a clean rag (or ironing cloth) and  iron the vinyl for 8-10 seconds on medium heat.  Repeat for the other side.

  2. Then be sure to trim any excess vinyl and  repeat for the other Park map.

  3. Now, place your lining fabric right side up and then place the zipper on top matching the edges. Remember, the zipper should be facing up.

  4. Place the Park map on top (right side down).

  5. Sew along the length of the zipper.

  6. Fold over the front and lining . I didn’t know what this meant but it means the wrong sides are touching. Then add the other piece of lining and Park map to the other side of the zipper.

  7. Now fold the bag so the the lining is touching and the wrappers are touching (right sides together).

10.  Now, starting with the lining, you will need to sew around the bag. (A handy tip is to make sure you pull the zipper partway open and, that way,  you can turn it inside out later.)

  1. Trim the extra zipper bits and trim the corners.

  2. It’s time to turn the bag right side out.

  3. Sew up the bottom of the lining and gently tuck it inside the pouch.


That’s the basic step by step instruction!! I will say this, I did not come up with this. I reworded the instructions from this Punkin Patterns, to accommodate using Disney Parks maps instead. There are amazing picture instructions on Punkin Patterns blog and I highly recommend checking it out… especially if you are going to try this! I have also pinned different ones on pinterest.

What do you think of this idea?? Are you going to try it?? Let us know what you think in the comment box below!!

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