JC Penny Mulan Collection From Disney Design Challenge Winner

JC Penny Mulan Collection

JC Penny‘s is now featuring a new collection from the Disney Design Challenge Winner! This year’s challenge was creating a holiday collection inspired by one of four Disney Princesses! The JC Penny Mulan Collection is a collection you won’t see every dynasty!

The collection is a mix of berry reds, and black that showcase the story of Mulan, as well as elements that highlight her brave spirit. We’re also loving the playful textures like lace and velvet. The collection features three dresses, two jackets, two sweatshirts, and a jumper.

This black jump suit is simply stunning, and has a stripe of white cherry blossoms going down the leg on each side! The wrap around tie waist make this a great item to dress up for holiday parties, or make casual for holiday shopping.

The jackets in this collection are a bomber and a hoodie. The Bomber jacket has a regal feel to it with a satiny texture and ruched floral sleeves. The hoodie is a playful and casual choice that has a relaxed fit. The lace trim on the bottom ties in the floral theme we’ve been seeing on all of these pieces, and adds a feminine touch.

The velvet sweatshirts are my favorite pieces from this modern Mulan collection. The colors are fabulous for the winter holidays, and just like the jumper make pieces you can dress up or down for the occasion.

There are two wrap dresses, that have a similar style in the silhouette and sleeves. The darker dress has a floral print, while the bold red dress has a floral lace texture. I feel these pieces really show the designer’s passion for the character, because like Mulan it shows two ways this dress can shine, while still not being very different after all.

The grey cherry blossom ruched dress is definitely a piece that can transition from holiday to spring. There’s a bit of sassiness to this dress with the soft ruching and curves, but it still keeps it’s youthful playfulness with the fluttering sleeves and drawstrings.

The designer Amanda felt passionate about Mulan because she reminds her of her mother, and I feel like that makes this collection even more beautiful!

The entire JC Penny Mulan Collection is available online now.

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