Lady and the Tramp Pet Collection Is Perfect For A Bella Notte

Few dinner scenes are more iconic than the Lady and the Tramp Bella Notte scene. So why not give our pets a bit of that magic with this adorable Lady and the Tramp Pet Collection? It features a placemat, and food dish, to give your pup a romantic meal!

Lady and the Tramp Feeding Mat

Lady and the Tramp Pet Collection

First up is the placemat. Not only will this look adorable by your pet’s food, but it also helps keep things tidy. The placemat sets the atmosphere for your pet to have a ”bone appetito”! The fetching feeding mat is of course inspired by Disney’s animated classic Lady and the Tramp. The cushioned pad provides a secure setting for food and water bowls, while the design is a treat for the eyes. The placemat retails for $$19.99.

Lady and the Tramp Food Bowl

Lady and the Tramp Pet Collection

Get ready to dish up your four-legged friend’s favorite dish in style with the coordinating ceramic pet food bowl. The beautiful screen art features our two favorite pups, sharing a meal on a bella notte. The inside of the bowl also offers a deliziosi serving suggestion. The food dish retails for $22.99!

You can find the original Lady and the Tramp Pet Collection for pets at the Disney Parks, and also at shopDisney!

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