Look Like Royalty in Disney Princess Inspired Spirit Jerseys

We love the Disney Princesses and we love spirit jerseys. So, when you combine the two, you come out with a fabulous and fashionable look! These Disney Princess inspired Spirit Jerseys will have you feeling like royalty. Very comfy royalty that is.

If watching classic Disney movies gives you all the warm and fuzzy feelings, make sure to keep reading. These Disney Princess inspired spirit jerseys will keep you happy, fashionable and comfortable all season long.

All of these fabulous Disney Princess inspired spirit jerseys are available on Etsy from ShopEllieandMae. I’m just sharing a few of my personal favorites below, but make sure to head over to the shop to take a look at all the other Disney inspired finds.


You can paint will all the colors of the wind when you wear this Pocahontas inspired spirit jersey. Pocahontas’s name is placed across the back of the shirt and sweet little Meeko peaks out from the front.


You’ll be swift as a coursing river when you wear this Mulan inspired spirit jersey. Mulan’s beautiful hair comb adorns the front of this lovely look.


At last, I see the light, and I need this spirit jersey! Pascal travels with you on the front of this design, while the floating lanterns travel up your sleeves.


People tend to forget that Vanellope is a Disney Princess, but she is! You’ll look as sweet as candy in this Vanellope inspired look.


I know Tinkerbell isn’t an official Disney Princess, but this spirit jersey was too cute to pass up! All you need is faith, trust, pixie dust, and this look for fall!

These looks from ShopEllieandMae start at $48.99. Which one is your favorite? Let me know in the comment section below.

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