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Macy’s At Mall Of Millenia- A Must Do On Your Disney Vacay!

I am sure that, when some of you read the title of this article, you thought “How is this a Disney related article?” I hear you. I do. Work with me on this one. Many people go to Orlando for their family vacations from all over the world. They go to Walt Disney World, as well as the other family attractions in the area, but there are other places these families need to check out that do not include amusement parks!! Macy’s at the Mall at Millenia is definitely a must do on your Disney vacay!!

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Many people are visiting the area from other countries and want to get in some shopping while they are there. I am telling you, this is a place to start! Not only is the Mall at Millenia itself an amazing mall, with high end stores and a beautiful layout, but it really is an experience in and of itself! Macy’s has an actually tourism department geared towards making your visit beyond extraordinary. In fact, in the words of Barney Stinson, it is legand-ary!

What is so fabulous about Macy’s at the Mall at Millenia? In the picture above, you can see the welcome center. Here, you can go and purchase a shopping package which includes the following:

Macy’s Orlando Millenia Shopping Package

Available ONLY at Macy’s Orlando Millenia, Orlando, FL

$35 Per Package

Package Includes:

  • $25 Macy’s Gift Card
  • Macy’s Orlando Holiday Exclusive Tote Bag
  • 10% Macy’s Visitor Savings Pass
  • Frango Mint 4-Piece Chocolates
  • Gift with $75 purchase voucher
  • Assortment of discount/free offers at local restaurants and attractions

Put that together… that means you are basically spending $10 for chocolates, Macy’s bag and free gift with $75 purchase… and a 10% off voucher! This Macy’s is literally the nicest Macy’s I have been in and that includes the one in NYC, in my opinion.


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While I was there, I had my makeup done at MAC. I was shopping and got a little tired and I went to the Nespresso department for a FREE flavored coffee, which was amazing! There is an area called [email protected], where you can go and literally have someone help you find exactly what you are looking for. It’s fantastic. The people there are so helpful! It is something that they are trying at the premier stores and I cannot wait for it to show up in every Macy’s so that my local store will also have it!

2015-11-06 17.10.33 2015-11-06 17.11.00

I also got to spend some time with their personal shopping department. It is preferential for you to have an appointment, which I did, and these lovely ladies too excellent care of me. Why was I with them? To help me choose dresses for important people in my bridal party for my wedding! Their bridal department is extraordinary! I ended up buying my flower girl dresses there! You can even do your bridal registry while you are there… they have all the top of the line china, including Kate Spade!

2015-11-06 17.12.41

I don’t know what else I can tell you to entice you to visit Macy’s at the Mall at Millenia. It is an awesome experience that I plan to do again and again, when I am kin the area. In fact, I plan to go back in March to get together more wedding items. it’s perfect if you are having a destination wedding! If you want to learn more, you can check it all out at their designated tourism website HERE. It will help you plan and get your bearings. Safe travels, fashionistas!!!!




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