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Make Your Disney Cruise Extra Special With The Magic Of Fish Extenders!

Disney Cruises are my absolute favorite! Fish extenders are part of the reason. If you’ve never been on a Disney Cruise you probably are wondering what the heck I am talking about! Don’t worry. I’ll fill you in on the secret.

Fish extenders are these magical things you hang from the fish  (or whatever nautical creature) outside your cabin door. It has pockets for the guests in your stateroom and you can customize it to your exact liking.

The idea is that you will come back to your stateroom and find a small treat, gift, or message from a fellow Disney Addict in your Fish Extender.  Whether you have children, or not, the feeling you get when you arrive back to find something in your Fish Extender is so much fun.  You will likely not know who the person was that left you the gift. As a result, it is as though your gift appeared magically!  If you are placing gifts into Fish Extenders you may also bump into a fellow addict doing the same. Therefore, you can possibly make a new Disney friend.

I have been on many cruises and I have a few different fish extenders. I like to customize them for whoever is with me and I tend to go with different friends much of the time. Recently, I took the Disney Fashionista senior writers on a cruise to celebrate our 5th anniversary. I had the most incredible fish extender made from my go-to shop, N2SewingBoutique.

I am always amazed at how incredible her products turn out. She even took the Disney Fashionista artwork and had it embroidered on the top! I cannot express how thrilled I was when I saw it.  Every writer was able to choose her favorite character and color for her pocket.

There are many different characters and colors to choose from and you can have 2 pockets all the way up to 5! Honestly, ours was 5 and if it had been any longer it would have been laying on the floor.

Want to learn all about the joy of fish extenders and how they work? Check out our article teaching you all the basics! Wanting to look into getting one for yourself? You have to head to N2sweingboutique HERE. You will NOT be disappointed!

Have you ever used fish extenders before? Tell us about your experience in the comments!


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