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Metallic Mickey Mouse Stars In The New Petunia Pickle Bottom Collection!

Rose Gold is still my favorite of all the metallics. I know it’s been a trend for almost 2 years but I loved it long before that. I am so excited to see that Rose Gold metallic Mickey Mouse is the star of the newest Petunia Pickle Bottom Collection!

We’ve talked about Petunia Pickle Bottom quite a bit and that’s because many a fashionable mommy to be loves to carry something from her many Disney collections. As someone who isn’t a mommy, I dare to say that this collection is for everyone! I most definitely would use the backpack or tote. No question about it.

Aren’t these just spectacular? Okay sure, they are meant to be diaper bags but wouldn’t you carry this as a regular bag? The rose gold design really pops against the black background. The complimentary design (look at the change purse with the tote) is equally as fabulous. This fashionista approves!

Petunia Pickle Bottom doesn’t call this a fanny pack but I still do. This is a belt bag and it would look just amazing in my current fanny pack collection! I own so much Rose Gold that it would literally go with half my wardrobe!

We talked about the complementary pattern and here it is on the Inter-Mix Deluxe Kit. What does that mean? This whimsical collaboration of Disney Baby and Petunia Pickle Bottom combines on this system of bags and packing pods that are perfect for every type of parent, outing, or situation.

The new Rose Gold Metallic Mickey Mouse Petunia Pickle Bottom Collection (say that 3 times fast) is now available on shopDisney HERE.

What do you think of this new collection? See something that strikes your fancy? Let us know in the comments!

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