Mickey Mouse Club Retro Collection Is A Blast From The 90s

Mickey Mouse Club Retro Collection

Disney Parks is going back in time, with a new Mickey Mouse Club Retro Collection. This collection has the wild colors and classic squiggles, just like we remember from the early 90s. Honestly, I can almost hear the theme song to Saved by the Bell just looking at it!

This collection of apparel and accessories will have you looking totally radical. Graphics of classic Mickey and friends characters grace slouchy styles, and denim.

The star of this collection is totally the Mickey Mouse Club denim jacket. Not only does it have a Mickey “patch” on the back, it also has duo colored sleeves! One sleeve is hot pink, while the other is neon blue. Of course it’s not the 90s with out random lines and squiggles, and there are plenty of those on the sleeves.

The variety of tees available totally embodies the early 90s vibe. A white Mickey tee comes complete with a t-shirt slider, while another tee has an acid watch blue look to it. Of course it wouldn’t be the early 90s without a cropped sweatshirt, and there is one of those with plenty of neon too.

The stonewashed cuff shorts in the collection would look great with any of the shirts available too! They have a fun MMC print on the cuff, that adds a pop of color.

Workout With Style

Get into the groove, and get your Mousercise on with a collection of athleisure items too! You can grab a sweatshirt, or a tank top to pair with the super colorful leggings.

That’s right, I said super colorful! Mickey and the whole clubhouse crew are on desk and ready to get their groove on. Lots of colorful geometric shapes, with abstract lines lay out a background for the sensational six to get their workout on.

Of course we need accessories, and you can choose from a couple of different bags. Each bag coordinates with the collection marvelously.

You can find the Mickey Mouse Club Retro Collection throughout the Disney Parks, where apparel and accessories are sold!

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