Mickey Mouse Shaped Programs For Your Disney Wedding!

I just had my dream Disney wedding. I wanted it to be at Disney, with Disney touches but I didn’t want it to be in your face Disney. Does that makes sense? I am clearly a Disney Fashionista but I like subtlety and hints of Disney much of the time because I think that actually makes it even better. There is one thing I didn’t want to be subtle, though. I wanted the most perfect Disney programs and these Mickey Mouse programs are perfect for a Disney wedding!

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I wanted something that could be multi functional. I got married outdoors in Orlando in October…. heat was definitely a factor! I wanted my programs to also function as a fan. An actual fan. I didn’t want them to have to use a sheet of paper as a fan. These Mickey shaped fans were positively perfect!

I worked closely with Angie from  uniquelyyourspd on Etsy to create the exact vision I had. I was thrilled with the result! These Mickey Mouse shaped programs had a welcome on the front, the order of the ceremony on the back, a stick to hold and were sturdy enough to actually use as a fan! The ribbon was a nice extra touch.

I got to choose the color, the images and the font! Angie was prompt and wonderful and took all the stress out of organizing, at least this part of, a wedding!

Have you ever thought of using Mickey Mouse shaped fans as programs for your wedding. If you have wanted to but didn’t know where to start, check out uniquelyyourspd on Etsy!

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