Mother’s Day Gift Ideas On Sale At The Disney Store For 40% Off!

Mother’s Day celebrates motherhood, maternal bonds, the influence of mothers everywhere, and your own unique mom. Flowers and chocolate are safe go-to gifts, but mothers who love Disney will appreciate some pixie dust in their presents.

Thankfully, Disney Store is having a wild 40% off sale featuring 550 items. We’ve put together some gift bundle ideas for you that are sure to please your Disney-loving mom. Add the code WISH at checkout to take advantage of these savings. SHIPMAGIC will add free shipping to orders of $75 or more. With so many goodies on sale, it can be difficult to come up with combinations for mom. We’re here to help you mix and match some of the items on sale for the perfect gift bag.

Fashionable moms who love Star Wars will love the apparel on sale. Several dresses and sweatshirts are discounted. Add the simple Star Wars messenger and your mom will be ready for a day of saving the galaxy.

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This dress can be paired with nearly any color hoodie, cardigan, or jacket. Add the maroon sweatshirt for a bit of color or pair it with a nice pair of leggings. Mom can carry her essentials in her new Star Wars bag.



If your mom likes a lot of color, this dress by Her Universe will be right up her alley.

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This Boba Fett costume dress is for moms who want to pretend to be characters during the day. This black cardigan with Star Wars icons can be worn with almost all of the dresses found on the Disney Store site, making it a good choice for mothers who want to show off their fandom more subtly. Several other styles are available online, including a couple with hoods and long sleeves. More T-shirts and hoodies are also on sale, so be sure to check the full selection of Star Wars clothing on sale.

Moms who love Disneyland will want a piece of the 60th anniversary to remember this year’s Diamond Celebration.



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A light up miniature of the castle paired with the key to the castle make beautiful additions to Disneyland displays. Arribas Brothers’ crystal Mouseketeer Ear Hat will sparkle alongside mom’s other memorabilia. The Diamond Celebration logo is etched onto the front of the hat, with the left ear showing a Disneyland banner. A photo of you and your siblings can sit surrounded by beloved attractions and Mickey Mouse with this picture frame.

It’s never too early to prepare for Christmas. If your mother is already preparing for this year’s festivities, you’ll be pleased to know that several ornaments and decorations are included in this sale.

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Two limited release nutcrackers can stand on your mom’s mantelpiece this holiday season.

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Everyone loves Fantasia and this set of five ear hat ornaments inspired by the movie is sure to be a hit. Individual ornaments featuring different characters, such as Ursula, Simba, and Roger and Jessica Rabbit, are also on sale.

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When it’s time for mom to hand out Christmas presents, these bags will come in handy. It’s easier than ever to keep the holidays in mind with this 12 inch Christmas tree, sure to delight any Christmas-loving mom.

Mothers who like to infuse bits of Disney throughout the home will be sure to love some of the discounted items.

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A Cheshire Cat bird feeder gives gardening moms another reason to go outside. Pick out a nice picture of your parents together and put it in this adorable photo frame. Salt and pepper shakers designed to remind you of Magic Kingdom lands are a spicy addition to any Disney mom’s kitchen. A set of Twenty Eight & Main glasses are great for sipping on homemade Polynesian POG juice. A little piece of Fantasyland can be part of your mom’s collection with a figurine of Cinderella Castle. You can start your mom’s Precious Moments collection with a Disneyland figurine of an adorable pair of tourists. Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Goofy, and Donald all come with a chrome finish toy train set made especially for the Disneyland Diamond Celebration. Seven commemorative coins come as a set that will easily fit into any Disney exhibit.

Busy mothers who are always running errands and off to work should have a way to keep some Disney in their daily lives too.


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This light up smartphone case is beautiful and the fireworks light up every time your phone rings and when it’s opened. Mom will love her special fireworks display. The Minnie Mouse cross body phone case offers a hands-free way to carry a device, making it perfect for moms who don’t need anything besides their keys and phones. Mothers who enjoy listening to music in peace will appreciate these Disneyland headphones.

Is mom heading to the Disney parks anytime soon? If so, there are a few must-haves on sale that will make her trip even more fun.


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Picking a favorite park is hard, so here’s a sweatshirt that represents all four of the Disney World theme parks. The second-best thing to a crown for mom to wear on her head is this sparkly crystal-studded pair of Minnie ears. Sequined Mickey/Minnie mitts will complement the ears perfectly. Elsa’s magical powers can hang around your mom’s neck with this snowflake necklace, which also matches the shiny ears and mitts.

The items shown above are only a small selection of what is available on sale. With 550 items on sale, you are bound to find something special for your mom. We mentioned a few days ago that some Alex and Ani bangles are on sale for 3 for $99, so that is another option if your mother likes bracelets. Three Dooney and Bourke designs are also available at a reduced price online, so be sure to look at those if your mom is a fan of designer accessories.

Pick a few favorites, wrap them up, and have a magical Mother’s Day!

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