New Disney Ornaments to Debut At Hallmark In October!

Every year we get a look at many of the Disney ornaments available in the yearly Hallmark Keepsake Collection. What many people don’t realize is that there is also an ornament debut in October and there are over 125 new ornaments that are introduced!

I took a very close look at my Gold Crown booklet that comes every so often and I noticed all the new Disney ornaments that are set to debut on October 5th. Above you can see Pluto and Cruella have new ornaments coming out. As a huge Cruella fan, I am super excited about this!


Not shockingly, with the 25th anniversary of the film, The Lion King has an iconic ornament releasing and it even plays music! You can hear Hakuna Matata as the ornament lights up. This will retail for $24.99.

This ornament shall be mine. Can you believe it’s been 10 years since UP! came out? This ornament plays music from “Married Life.” I could cry. Retail price is $20.99.


Star Wars will have a couple of epic releases including this C-3PO and R2-D2 Peekbuster ornament where the characters give warnings not to peek! How adorable is that?

These hidden gems were at the bottom of one of the pages. The Teacup for Two ornament is very similar to previous ornaments but this one is blue as opposed to pink.

If you haven’t seen the Disney Hallmark Keepsake ornaments we already discussed, you can find them HERE.

I’m sure there will be more Disney ornaments debuting in October when Hallmark has its ornament debut! Will you be there to check out the goods?

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