New Disney Parks Pandora Charms Are The Perfect Valentine’s Day Gift For Your Fashionista!

Let’s be honest. Chocolate and flowers are lovely gifts and they are certainly very popular Valentine’s Day gift choices but they are not necessarily what most of wish for. Many of us wish for jewelry!! Disney and Pandora came together for us this Valentine’s Day because they realized that is exactly what fashionistas wish for! There are new Disney Parks Pandora charms and they are the absolute perfect Valentine’s Day gift for your Disney fashionista!

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This Mickey and Minnie Mouse Heart Charm by PANDORA is beautiful and rather simple. It doesn’t have any color to it but it does have that sparkle that we all desire, even if it’s just a little bit. The heart shape is perfect for Valentine’s Day which they obviously knew because look at the timing! This wasn’t released in time for Christmas now, was it? This one is reversible to show both of the sides you see above. It is not 2 different charms. You don’t have to choose between Mickey and Minnie! I’m thankful for that because I have a heard time choosing much of the time.

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This is the Mickey and Minnie Mouse Icon Heart Charm by PANDORA. It is also a reversible charm but Mickey and Minnie are much larger and Minnie has just the slightest amount of red in her bow. Take note that both of the Pandora charms have small heart cutouts on the sides! That screams Valentine’s Day!

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If new isn’t a requirement, then any of the 4 above Disney Pandora charms will also be quite effective as a Valentine’s Day gift for that fashionista in your life. I should know, I have the heart shaped Mickey and Minnie Mouse ”Minnie & Mickey Kiss” Charm by PANDORA. I got it for Christmas and I love it!

All of these Disney Pandora charms are currently available at the I would guess that any and all of these will be rather popular so who knows how long they will be in stock. They are Disney Park exclusives which means they will also be at the Parks and possibly on the Shop Disney Parks App.

What do you think of the new Disney Pandora charms? Will they be on your wish list, fashionistas? Let us know what you think in the comment box below.

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