New Disney Resort Holiday Refillable Mug Now Available

Disney Resort Holiday Refillable Mug

Happy holi-YAY, there is a new refillable resort mug! Some of the resorts in Walt Disney World are already in the Christmas spirit, with the new Disney Resort Holiday Refillable Mug. Each year at the holidays, a seasonal cup also comes out with the decorations and merriment.

These mugs work just like the regular resort refillable mugs and even cost the say. The only difference is that they have a limited edition holiday design. This year’s mug also matches the Popcorn bucket that has shown up the parks lately soo.

Mickey and his pals are all gathered in a sleigh, and ready to get their jingle bell all the way on! A one-horse open sleigh pulls them merrily through the snow on this travel mug.

Disney Resort Holiday Refillable Mug

This travel mug also comes with a red handle and lid, which compliments the mint green color in the mug beautifully. The refillable mugs are available for one flat price of $19.99, and gets you unlimited refills for the entirety of your stay! So not only is this a cute souvenir to take home, it is very useful too.


The new Disney Resort Holiday Refillable Mug is available now at just a few select resorts (The Disney Fashionista herself got this one at the Polynesian Village Resort), but look for it to be available at all of the resorts soon!


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  • I sure hope the AKL has them in early December. I would love to get the holiday one.

    Thanks for all the fun info you supply us with!