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New EPCOT Starbucks Mugs Finally Released!

I know many of you have been anxiously awaiting the EPCOT “You are here” Starbucks mug. It was a few months ago now that the original EPCOT Starbucks mug was released and then pulled due to the purple monorail. The new design is now released and ready for you to purchase! Let’s take a closer look at the design of the EPCOT “You Are Here” Disney Starbucks mug and how you can get them, if you aren’t going to be headed to EPCOT  any time soon.


The above are the pics of the new EPCOT “You Are Here” Starbucks mug. It may look familiar to you… it really looks like the exact same mug… with the exception of the color of the monorail. It is actually a little more difficult to see the monorail now but it is there. Take a look at the bottom right side of Spaceship Earth and you will see it in grey. The rest of the mug is identical to the old one.

I know many of us have been waiting for this one, and for the Animal Kingdom one, to be released so that we could finish our collections. Well, we are still waiting on the Animal Kingdom one but I am so happy that the EPCOT one has been modified and rereleased! I still adore the purple color of the inside of the mug and think it goes well with the others in the You Are Here collection.

Now, how do you get your hands on one, if you aren’t going to be heading to EPCOT any time soon? Our personal shopper, Courtney, from Mouse to Your House, has them available to order here. She ships internationally and super promptly so you don’t have to wait for your next trip. She also has all the other Disney Starbucks mugs that are available in the You Are Here collection for Disney as well as the tumblers in ceramic and plastic. You can find them all through this link, if interested.

Are you as excited as I am to see the new EPCOT “You Are Here” Starbucks mug released? What do you think of the changes? Let us know in the comment box below!

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