New Frozen and Maleficent MagicBands Unlock The Fun

Frozen and Maleficent MagicBands

We spotted two new MagicBands this week, with designs ready to unlock the magic and fun of Walt Disney World. The new Frozen and Maleficent MagicBands have arrived just in time, with sequels for both movies debuting on the horizon.

Frozen and Maleficent MagicBands

These two new open edition MagicBands are now available throughout Walt Disney World for 24.99. With sequels for both movies debuting soon, these could not have come at a more perfect time! Maleficent debuts in theaters October 18, and Frozen 2 comes out November 22.

The Frozen MagicBand features Olaf riding atop Sven as they dash through the snow. Elsa’s lovable little Snowgies teter on blocks of ice on the other side. This band comes on the classic blue, which really makes the snowy characters pop more.

Maleficent’s MagicBand is inspired by the classic villain as she is seen in Sleeping Beauty. This all black MagicBand has lots of intricate details too!

One side of the band is a tangle of thorny brambles in purple and black. Maleficent’s trusty raven sidekick soars above the twisting vines below.

The otherside of the band has Maleficent in all her wicked glory, casting just a hint of side eye. She clutches her staff, as she stares into the top of her scepter, pondering her next curse no doubt. Flowing purple sleeves peek out from inside her robes. Green flames arch behind her, which stands out with wicked perfection against the solid MaigBand!

We found the Frozen and Maleficent MagicBands at Disney Springs. You can also find them throughout the Parks and Resort at select locations, where MagicBands are sold.

Which of these new MagicBands is your favorite? Mal is most certainly my favorite of these!

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