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MagicBands- Top 10 DIY Ways to Make Them Fabulous!


In the past, we discussed MagicBands and what they were. We also discussed what Disney has made available to decorate them and make them fabulous. I know that not everyone likes to go the store bought route when decorating things and that’s why I decided to do a part 2…. for the DIY addicts. There are many articles out there with 5 or so ways to decorate your MagicBands but I decided to really dig deep and find 10 ways! I know that some of them may be harder to do than others and some may seem a little simplistic but it’s all in what you like. Some people are very gifted when it comes to creative talent and there are options for them as well. I am not going to go into great detail about each one…. you can basically go to Pinterest for that. I have pinned examples of each technique below on my Pinterest page (4disneyfashion) to help you get a better idea of each respective technique as there are many ways to go about each. I just wanted to give a complete compilation of DIY techniques. Let’s take a look!

  1. Nail Polish- This may seem like a no-brainer to some but using nail pens and polish is an easy way to design or color your MagicBands. You can also use a clear nail polish as a varnish in some of the other DIY ideas. I think the possibilities are endless for this one.

  2. Temporary Tattoos and Rub Ons– This one allows you to have a little less of an artful hand yet still be able to make your MagicBands look like a million bucks. A good way to ensure the tattoos and rub ons stay in place is to use the clear nail polish as a varnish, as described above.

3. Stickers– Similar to number 2 but a little different in that there is more variety and they are self-adhesive without having to use water like a tattoo. Nail polish as a varnish is also handy in this situation. Make sure when using a sticker, you apply it with the band already closed so as to not have wrinkled later. This method worked best for me.

  1. Paint– Seems pretty self-explanatory, right? Get yourself some paint pens and show your artistic side!

  2. Bedazzling– This one can be combined with a lot of the other methods just to add a little extra something flashy. I love a little flash! you can attach them with glue or even get the self-adhesive kind. Use clear nail polish as a varnish for a little extra security.

  3. Markers- This one is the same as nail polish pens and paint pens…. it’s just another medium.

  4. Decorative Tape– Washi tape is perfect for this! It’s self-adhesive and comes in many, many designs…. including Disney designs!

  5. Cloth Covers– You can make your own cloth covers, buy them from Etsy or get them from Disney. The options are endless seeing as they are made of whatever fabric you chose. With this option, you can change the look every day if you want to because it isn’t a permanent part of the MagicBand.

  6. Ribbon– Some people like to make special bows for their magic bands and wrap ribbon around the band. This one is a little bulky for my liking but it’s still an option!

  7. Etsy– I know this one isn’t a technique but I think it’s valid because if you type in MagicBand covers on the Etsy site, a million options pop up! You may not have made it yourself BUT it will look like you did. That counts in my book.

That’s my DIY list for MagicBands. There is no reason why your MagicBands can’t be a fabulous accessory! It can also show off your creative talents! Check out my Pinterest page for examples of the above techniques and get started! Let me know if I’ve forgotten any in the comment box below!

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