New Sales Deal On Shop Disney Parks App Plus Free Shipping!

Did you hear the news? I can’t stress how excited I am to share this news! I was using the Shop Disney Parks App and it just magically appeared. I know most of us don’t check it out on a regular basis and so, therefore, we are not familiar with some of the deals that happen. I also fall victim to this. Let me share the latest and greatest deal from the Shop Disney Parks App.


It’s pretty much what it says…. You can save the listed amount of savings you see above when you spend the corresponding ¬†amount. I love the Shop Disney Parks App for so many reasons but mostly because I don’t need to be at the Parks or wait for something to possibly arrive at the Disney Store online. When you throw in great deals like this, and the current free ground shipping on most orders now through January 31st, you have to at least try to use it!

Did you know about the current deals? Do you love the Shop Disney Parks App? Let us know what you think in the comment box below!

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