Not Just Anyone’s Tee Shirt- Various Princesses!

I am loving the original tee shirt designs I am finding at Tee Public and I am selecting my faves and putting them in the Disney Fashionista Store! I know not everyone loves the same Disney characters but, we can all agree, we love Disney. I have put tons of different character tees in the store from various assorted, talented artists. Today, I have chosen assorted graphics that allow you to chose your favorite princess! Allow me to show you what is certainly not just anyone’s tee shirt.

You may recall the information I have given you in the past about any top you buy on Tee Public. You can chose the cut of the top, whether that be tee shirt, tank. crew neck, hoodie and in sizes for both men and women and even kids! There are tons of colors for each style as well. You are virtually the creator of your own top. The following designs are the ones I created but the graphic on each can be placed on any of the aforementioned tops and in any color you chose from the selection. That’s just too much control for me. I love creating all kinds of looks and colors and trying to figure out which one works the best for me.

display (4)

This is Cinderella. I chose a tee in light blue because that’s classic to me but you could pick whatever design you like. You just start here!

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I liked Belle on this teal color to pull from the teal in the graphic. If teal doesn’t work for you, or you would prefer a tank or hoodie, you can design it here with the Belle graphic.


I was feeling like a tank was in order so I chose this Rapunzel graphic and put it on this navy, racer back tank. If you picture it on a tee shirt, you can make that happen here.

display (6)

I was still stuck in my “trying to get warm” phase when I designed this Sleeping Beauty hoodie. I think she would look great in a tee shirt in light blue, too, but that’s just me. If you want to see what you would like her on best, design it here.

display (7)

This one’s a little out there because of it’s bold, red color. I just thought the red really brought out the color in Snow White’s hair bow. If you love Snow White but want to see her on a different style or in a different color, you can try it here.

I know that anyone who loves tee shirts or variety will love to get to the website and play with all the possibilities. Do you like any of the ones above?? Which graphic do you like?? Let us know in the comment box below!

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