Now You Can Have Your Dream Disney Wedding In East Plaza Garden At Magic Kingdom!

My dream Disney wedding is taking place this Fall at Epcot and I could not be more thrilled. I have planned this wedding to be the wedding of my dreams and Disney Fairy Tale Weddings (especially Lisa and Sarah) are making my visions come to life! I had not even thought of getting married at Magic Kingdom but now, I admit, I am jealous. Now, you can have your dream Disney wedding at the East Garden Plaza at Magic Kingdom!


Can you even imagine? There are already so many different places you can get married that people would never suspect, at Walt Disney World. My choice was Canada, as I am Canadian, and I love the Butchart Gardens they have recreated there. This view, though, is something special. I had heard the rumor that this was happening but I was waiting to share the news till it was official…. I think these photos say it all.

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I am awestruck and I know I will have questions for my wedding planner. If getting married at Magic Kingdom has always been your dream, and you didn’t think it could ever happen, your dreams have come true. Contact Disney Fairy Tale Weddings and read their news about the newest location (and see more photos)!!!

What do you think of this news? Is Magic Kingdom your dream wedding location? Let us know what you think in the comment box below!!


Thanks to Disney Fairy Tale Weddings website for the pictures! Make sure to check them out!

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