It’s Official! The LuLaRoe Collection For Disney Is Destined To Enchant Fashionistas Everywhere!

Just a couple of hours ago I shared the news of the rumors of the LuLaRoe and Disney collaboration. It felt like an eternity (in reality a couple of hours) for the official announcement from Disney’s California Adventure but it is now official! The LuLaRoe Collection for Disney is destined to enchant fashionistas everywhere!

Word on the street is that  the dates will be somewhere between May 30th and June 6th for ordering. However, this collection will only be able to be ordered  at in-person in-home parties and sales. This is unlike other LuLaRoe fashions. I can only imagine how quickly these designs will sell out and how many in-home parties will be had!

(ALERT– We have just been told this is untrue and that you do not have to have a party! We now have an official LuLaRoe rep working with Disney Fashionista and she is the only person that we will be working with. Please contact her if you do not have a rep and are hoping to get something from this collection. Her name is Nicole and she will give you the VIP treatment! Just tell her Disney Fashionista sent you!)

You may be wondering what exactly it is that we will be able to order. Phenomenal question. As LuLaRoe has a wide variety of fashions (leggings, dresses skirts etc), we can only hope that there will be a bit of everything! We have heard there will also be shirts and dresses (Carlys to be specific), as well as leggings but we have yet to see photos.

I am hoping for a wide variety of patterns, as well. We have seen, with the three teaser ads, that Mickey, Minnie and Thumper could be potential characters we will find but we don’t know for sure. Wouldn’t a pattern filled with Princesses or Villains be exciting? I am hoping there will be true variety or maybe even a series of releases like Jamberry has done with Disney! has  the first images of some of the fabrics you will find. Be sure to check out their site for more information about the fabrics. I didn’t see anything I loved but I am hoping there will be more.

Pictures will be surfacing within the next few hours I am sure because the LulaRoe retailers attending the event at Disney’s California Adventure will be leaving the Park with a pair of leggings from the new collection and will be able to see more samples at the hotel after the event. Prepare for a visual feast, fashionistas!

Are you excited for the new collaboration between LuLaRue and Disney? What are you hoping to see? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!

Update- Here is the updated information with pictures of items and fabric we currently know about!

** Please remember that there is no linking to your personal retail LuLaRoe pages. We do not allow outside linking. Thanks for your understanding!****

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