The Perfect Disney Purse Can Complete Any Disney Look!

It’s been less than a week since we were introduced to the new store that is going to consume all of my money…. The Dress Shop. On opening day we shared most of the new dresses with you and told you that there were also accessories, so as to create complete looks for Disney fashionistas. When we did a live video feed, I realized exactly how important the accessories are. Clearly, the perfect Disney purse can complete any Disney look!

This White Rabbit purse is quite possibly my favorite (of course, they are all my favorite). We all know that I am slightly obsessed with the whole Alice in Wonderland Tea Party theme and I cannot tell you how sad I am that this purse was not in existence for my bridal week!!! Not to worry, it will be mine now.

One thing of note is that most of these purses are not available online or on the App yet. The only way to get them is to be at Disney Springs or to use a personal shopper. Our personal shopper, Diane, has added all of these purses to her store at my request. I want my fellow fashionistas to be able to have these purses, whether they can be in Florida or not!

This Haunted Mansion bag is a fantastic alternative to using the more expensive Dooney and Bourke bag of the Haunted Mansion design. I love the gargoyle bat on the front of the purse and the eyes on the inside…. WOW! That is not only creepy but fabulous! I have a Haunted Mansion shirt that I love and this would be perfect to go with it!

I didn’t want to start with this Chip purse because I know many of you are overwhelmed with Beauty and the Beast merchandise right now. I can’t ignore it completely, though. It’s darling! Many of the purses that have been released for Beauty and the Beast have featured a variety of different characters from the film but to have one that is exclusively Chip! Chip is a fan favorite and this purse would look amazing with all of the Beauty and the Beast fashions that have popped up over the last few months. I did find this one on the App but it took a bit of searching.

The Tower of Terror purse is unlike any that we have seen. All of the other purses I have shared at least have similarly themed counterparts but this one is quite unique. I do love the dress it is paired with but, if I don’t want to dress like a cute bell hop, I would gladly just carry this purse! This one is also on the App but it was even harder to find.

As I said, some of these bags are available online or on the App and I shared which ones. The first two are not. If you are wanting to get yours sooner rather than later, you can get them HERE, from our personal shopper. Remember to tell her you are a Disney Fashionista reader and you will get an extra little something sent to you with your purchase!

What do you think of the new purses? Do you have a favorite? Let us know what you think in the comment section below!

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