Pixie-Dusted Puzzles Are A Great Way To Spend Family Time At Home

Pixie-Dusted Puzzles

I absolutely love completing puzzles, especially Disney puzzles!  We decided we should show you some of our favorite Pixie-Dusted Puzzles just in case you love puzzles too!  There are so many gorgeous options and difficulty levels from which you can choose!  I love choosing gorgeous puzzles and using the completed pieces as artwork in my home!  Plus, puzzles are a great way to spend some quality time at home with the family!

Pixie-Dusted Puzzles

First I have to show off this gorgeous Lady and the Tramp Thomas Kinkade Puzzle.  This 1000 piece puzzle would be perfect to frame because it looks just like the painting!  You could also make a whole night out of it and watch the new live-action version of the film on Disney+ while completing the puzzle!

Pixie-Dusted Puzzles

Next is this fabulous Disney Collage Puzzle that features all of our favorite Disney Characters!  There are so many fabulous details in this 1000 piece puzzle!  You’re sure to have a great time completing your favorite characters!  I especially love the gold details, the stained-glass feel, and the Mickey icon in the middle!

Pixie-Dusted Puzzles

This adorable Disney Character Campfire Puzzle features the original Fab Five enjoying a camping trip!  In this 400 piece puzzle, each Character is engaged in a different camping activity!  Even if we can’t travel right now, we can plan our next fabulous outing while putting this adorable puzzle together!

Pixie-Dusted Puzzles Pixie-Dusted Puzzles

There are also simpler puzzles available for our little ones!  First is this fabulous set of three 49 piece Frozen Puzzles!  I love all three puzzles, but the adorable Olaf one has to be my favorite!  There is also this box of four Cars 3 Puzzles!  This box includes a 12 piece puzzle, a 16 piece puzzle, a 20 piece puzzle, and a 24 piece puzzle!  No matter what your puzzle abilities are, there is a puzzle here for you!  How cute would it be to frame and hang either of these puzzle sets in a kid’s room!?

If you would like to purchase any of these precious pixie-dusted puzzles, you can find them all and more HERE!

Which one of these puzzles is your favorite?  Let us know in the comments below!

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