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Poison Apple Crossbody is Enchanting

Loungefly bags have a lot in common with the Evil Queen: they both have their own unique brand of magic, they can both put a spell on you, and they are both the fairest of all! So, it only makes sense that Loungefly has created a killer Poison Apple Crossbody!

This cream-colored, faux leather has gold handles for carrying and a chain strap for shoulder wearing. The color scheme looks rich and indulgent, and the red accents of the poison apple make me want to take just one bite.


The details on the Poison Apple crossbody are brilliant! The apple features both embroidery and applique for a textured look that definitely catches the eye. My absolute favorite detail, though, is the Magic Mirror purse charm. It makes touching up your lipstick convenient AND gives you a chance to ask “Magic Mirror on the wall, Who’s the fairest one of all?” (You know you want to!)


The back of this bag shows that simplicity can still be gorgeous. It is perfect for occasions that call for a little more subtlety in your wardrobe choice or for those days when you aren’t feeling particularly villainous.

Loungefly has been my favorite handbag designer for several years. Recently, they have become known for their mini-backpacks, and while I love those, I’m glad to see them adding some handbag silhouettes back into their mix!

The Poison Apple crossbody bag definitely has my heart (no huntsman required)! If you think it’s the fairest bag of all, you can find it HERE!

Are you happy to see a handbag silhouette from Loungefly? Leave us a comment, and tell us what you think!

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