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Shirts That Allow Disney Couples To Show Their Disney Love

I am a part of a Disney addict couple. I won’t deny it. It’s why we met and part of why we continue to be together. You’ve all seen the couples tee shirts where one points to the other and says something like “I’m with dumber.” That’s not my style. I did come across something in my shopping adventures that is much more up my alley. I found these on Etsy (shocking, I know) at a store called 503made.  I found shirts that allow Disney couples to show their Disney love for one another!


Everyone loves Beauty and The Beast! Why wouldn’t they? I can’t say that I would want to call my man my beast, nor do I know why he would want to say he was my beast BUT some people love this and think it’s adorable. I think it’s a cute idea. I love the images. They look straight off of Broadway. I think they are perfect for a Beauty and The Beast loving couple for sure.


I think the same type of thing could be said for this Lady and the Tramp set of tee shirts. I mean, I love being called a lady but does my man want to be called a tramp? Regardless, I think these shirts also allow a Disney couple to show their Disney love! It is part of the most romantic Disney story ever!


This set is a little less demeaning within it’s terminology (Disney might need to stop calling men beasts and tramps… just saying). If you are a fan of the Nightmare Before Christmas, this might be the perfect Disney couples tee shirt set for you. It still gets the point acorss and allows you to show your Disney love!

If you are remotely interested, you really need to head on over to Etsy to check these out. They all start at $35 for the set!!!! That is for the tee shirt version. They also come in hoodies which, of course, cost a little more for the set. I think these would be perfect for an outing to the Parks! Perhaps even for an engagement trip or honeymoon! I really think they are adorable and, with the extensive size range, there really is something for everyone!

Which of the designs is your favorite? Is there a couple you wish was present? Let us know your thoughts in the comment box below!!

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