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Show Your Disney Side In The Kitchen With These Disney Cutting Boards

I have shown you Disney cutting boards in the past but I think I may have found new ones that make me smile even bigger! These cutting boards are not personalized like the others but would still make amazing gifts for any Disney addict in your life! You can show your Disney Side in the kitchen with these Disney cutting boards!


Isn’t this perfect? I couldn’t have said it better myself. Many of us Disney addicts call Disney “home.” This Mickey ears cutting board puts the perfect twist on that theme! I love my Mickey ears. I have talked about this before. This cutting board encompasses all Disney fans!


This Up themed cutting board would make an incredible gift for a Disney couple. I have talked before about top Disney themes for weddings and this is one of them. Wouldn’t it make a perfect gift for Disney fans that are in love?


Beauty and the Beast is another one of the top Disney themes for weddings. This Be Our Guest cutting board would work as a wedding gift, house warming gift, or holiday gift. I love that it is Lumiere on this cutting board and not Belle or Beast.  It makes it just a little different.


With the new Star Wars film coming out this month, this Star Wars themed cutting board is right on point. The words are perfect for and couple in love and that makes this another excellent choice as a gift!

Aren’t these amazing ? I found them at this awesome Etsy store called Bee3DGifts. If you want to check out the rest of their awesome cutting boards, including their Doctor Who options, you can find them all HERE.


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  • OMG thank you so much for featuring our cutting boards. You can certainly tell that we design all of these straight from our hearts! As Walt Disney once said..The mouse is family!