The Luxo Ball Crossbody Bag Is Everything We’ve Ever Wanted

Luxo Ball Crossbody Bag

For a very very long time, myself and the rest of us at the Disney Fashionista have been wishing for a Luxo Ball purse. It just seemed like such a perfect style to do! Loungefly has finally made our wishes come true, with a sensational new Luxo Ball Crossbody Bag now available at Hot Topic.



The Luxo Ball just always made so much sense as a Toy Story purse, and we never could understand why someone hadn’t made it yet. Loungefly was the perfect designer for this faux leather bag, with a round cut design and printed Luxo Ball design.

The bag is actually a blue shell, with a yellow front that has a screen printed red star, just like the iconic ball. A vibrant red adjustable strap contrasts magnificently with the bouncy ball inspiration. The inside of the bag is lined with a blue fabric that features all of our favorite pals from the Toy Story films!


The bag is perfectly sized at 8x2x8 so that it can hold your necessities while not being overpowering in size. The bag is available at for $29.90, which is a pretty incredible price for a Loungefly bag!

This is honestly the Toy Story inspired bag we’ve all been waiting for, and it is playful perfection! Will you be adding the new Luxo Ball Crossbody Bag to your wardrobe? I know I will be!

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