Two New Dresses To Celebrate The Wonder That Is Toy Story 4!

I did not get to see Toy Story 4 yet but I did see the 15 minute snippet at Disneyland and I cannot wait until I have a day to run to the theater to see it. I know this might sound silly but I might postpone that engagement so that I can grab one of the two new dresses from Disney Parks/ shopDisney to wear to it!

First up, we have this delightful dress that matches the Toy Story 4 Dooney and Bourke that released today! It is available online and at Disney’s Hollywood Studios and is part of The Dress Shop Collection. It may also be available at the actual Dress Shop or Uptown Jewelers as well but that has not been confirmed.

It is a dark teal color which is interesting for Summer but is a nice contrast to the Dooney and Bourke itself. The lace trim and v-neckline add an element of delicacy to the dress that wouldn’t otherwise be there. It retails for $128 and is available online HERE.

The second piece is kind of a dress but not really a dress, if you will. It is a pantsuit BUT it has a removable piece that will convert into a skirt OR cape. If you are of the Edna Mode frame of mind, you will wear it as a skirt (no capes, darling). If you like the idea of wearing something around your shoulder, then a cape it is.

This second dress is obviously based around Bo Peep and her sheep. Her sheep are embroidered on the bottom right pant leg and there is there the small detailing of eyelets on the legs as well. This does look like more of a costume piece to me where the first dress is more wearable as an everyday dress. It is still quite lovely and does Bo Peep proud. I will be curious to see how this fits on different body types. It retails for $165 (though is on sale for 25% off online at the moment) and is available HERE.



If you are one to match accessories to dresses, you are in luck! There is the most darling headband I’ve ever seen and this adorable sheep purse from Loungefly! I do think these three all together make for the perfect costume for a party! These accessories also allow for a lovely Disney Bounding look if you wear them with a pink, blue and white ensemble.

The purse is available online HERE but the headband seems to be a Park exclusive. PM me if you want details for a personal shopper for this piece.

Each of the two dresses are available on shopDisney and are in sizes XS-3XL.

What do you think of the two dresses that have been released in honor of Toy Story 4? Which is your favorite? Tell us which you would wear in the comment box below!


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