Trader Sams Fans Can Show Their Tiki Style With The New Tiki Inspired Dress Coming To The Dress Shop!

Speaking as a lover of all things tiki, I am one crazy excited Disney Fashionista at the moment. I have always enjoyed the dresses from The Dress Shop but the newest announcement (as if yesterday’s dress announcement wasn’t enough) is the upcoming release of the Trader Sams inspired tiki dress!

I am sure some people may look at this dress and feel like it is the same as the Enchanted Tiki Room dress but this dress is so different! Yes, the color is green but take a close look a the print. There doesn’t look to be any enchanted tiki birds!

The silhouette of the dress is also completely different. I actually think I like this silhouette more. It’s super flattering with the sweetheart neckline and you don’t need to go looking for a special undergarment to wear because the straps are wide enough to wear a regular bra. Awesome! This tends to be my biggest complaint with special silhouettes.

There is also a shrunken head purse that will be available to pair with this Trader Sams inspired dress. I am thinking I need this ensemble for my next trip to Trader Sams for a fabulous cocktail!

This dress just appeared in the window of The Dress Shop in Marketplace Co-op at Disney Springs and we don’t have a release date or price at this moment. I am hoping this will be released soon so I can wear it on an upcoming trip to Disneyland.

What do you think of the new Trader Sams inspired tiki dress? Is it one you need to own? Let us know in the comment box below!

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