The New Disney Wishables Spotlight Some Of My Favorite Attractions!

If you haven’t heard of the Disney Wishable Collection you are missing out! Wishables are adorable micro plushes and each collection represents one of the Park attractions!

Today I got to have a sneak peek of the upcoming four collections and I have to admit I want almost all of them. It’s like they made them with me in mind.

First to release in June is The Little Mermaid. The Ursula micro plush even has earrings!!

In July we will see new characters in the Wishable Collection and they are from Splash Mountain. We have the usual suspects like Brer Fox and Brer Rabbit but stay tuned for other characters that are less well known but will bring a smile to your heart.

In August, we will see The Haunted Mansion take center stage as you would expect with it’s 50th being celebrated at Disneyland. The hitchhiking ghosts are all present but so is the bride! I will open every blind bag just to find her and her ax!

In September, Pooh and Friends will be released. The honey pot is extra cute!

The packaging is extra cute! It’s a shame you have to rip it open to get inside. I’m all about squeezing these like the package says just so I can guess which one is which! Don’t worry, not all of them are blind bags but the majority are.

The wishable retail for $9.99. You can get characters from Pirates of the Caribbean now!

What do you think of the Disney Wishable Collections? Will you be collecting them?

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