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The Story Behind My Disney Princess Engagement Ring From Gemvara

I recently announced that I am engaged! I am so excited to be planning this most special event and sharing it with all my readers. That being said, it didn’t really occur to me that people would want to know the story of my ring. I have never been engaged before and have never been that girl that goes straight for the ring finger of their girlfriends. I have quickly discovered I am the odd man out. I decided to share with you the story behind my Disney Princess engagement ring from Gemvara.

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My fiance and I are fans of designing the ring yourself, instead of going to the store and picking one out. We love the Gemvara website, which is where many of the Disney Princess engagement rings I have shown in the past, come from. We headed straight to the site and narrowed down styles and then Chip went from there…

Can you guess which Princess this ring is based around? It is Belle! We both love everything french and we even want to move there in the future, so this Princess was a great choice. You may be wondering how this is a Belle ring. It is quite different than a previous designed, Belle inspired ring I showed. This is our take.

The name of this ring style is the Olivia. The yellow sapphire is obviously Belle’s signature color. The gemstone is set in Rose gold… Rose! The rose is the whole basis behind the love story! The inscription on the inside of the ring is in French and it says “Je t’aime” which means I love you. Belle had to fall in love with the Beast in order to break the spell! Not to mention that this ring is very dainty and not too over designed, much like Belle herself.

I am thrilled with the ring Chip designed for me. It is positively perfect in so many ways. You can easily have a perfect Princess ring, as well. All you have to do is head over to Gemvara and play online with the designing program. We had a lot of fun playing with it and coming up with the end product!

I hope you all find your happily ever after!! Thanks for listening to my story, fashionistas!

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